The basic curriculum of the school comprises the National Curriculum for Key Stages 1 and 2, together with Religious Education. The school also provides experiences and activities that deepen and widen children’s cultural, aesthetic and intellectual development.


Smallwood Academy instils the love of learning into all who enter its doors; with God, Church and Faith at the centre of its values.

We want each and every member of our school community to understand we are all lifelong learners and we continually learn from each other as well as use formal ways.

Everyone has the right to learn and it is about more than gaining formal qualifications; it is to deepen our knowledge of the world around us.


Our Curriculum Drivers – the key elements which inspire our school curriculum: Enquiry, Inspiration and Opportunity, Literature and Enterprise.

British Values: Mutual respect, Tolerance, Individual liberty, Rule of Law and democracy and Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural will be taught through our school drivers and sometimes specifically.


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Smallwood Academy

School Lane, Smallwood, CW11 2UR.

Main Contact: Miss C Mander

Tel: 01477 500362

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