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Our Mission Statement


At Smallwood our logo is a torch it helps us to remember who we are,

what we value and what we do.


A torch is a beacon,

A light in the darkness,

A light to guide others.

Our torch reminds us that we walk in the light of Christ

and our goal is to reflect the glory of his name.



  ogether we are stronger as we worship, learn and live together as a community in Christ.

O  thers we learn to respect and value others and to share our faith with everyone we meet.

R  esilience we learn to be strong, caring, happy and self-confident. Learning to love and accept ourselves giving us the strength to persevere.

C  hallenge we strive to be the best we can be in all we do and to find the spark that lets each one of us light up the darkness. Everyone has a talent and together we can find and nurture it.

H  ope we shape the future of the world we live in and together we can make our world a better place. Excellence in our love for others, our learning and our commitment to our community will bring hope to the world.



                                       Our Aims, Objectives & Philosophy


                                                                  Our Aims:



  • To develop learners who are: Engaged thinkers, those who can creatively solve problems, develop skills and understand how others feel.


  • To develop community builders; those who care for each other, their friends, class, school, church, village and the wider world. Who celebrate each other’s differences and recognise that together we are stronger.


  • To challenge all children to be high achievers; those who always aim high, to achieve all that they are capable of, in a happy, resilient and determined way.


  • To be outward looking; those who value others, contributing as global citizens to the environmental and social issues of the day and sharing their talents willingly and compassionately.




            Our Objectives:


  • To ensure every pupil regardless of ability, gender, ethnicity or background achieves their full potential and is challenged to strive for excellence.


  • To enable every member of the school community to develop as a well-balanced, confident individual.


  • To support the development of each individual on their faith journey and promote a community with Christian values, teaching and ethos as it’s heart.


  • To provide a wide and varied curriculum which enables children to explore and develop their understanding of the world around them and their role within it.


  • To develop a close partnership with parents, church and community.




             Our Philosophy:


  • At Smallwood Primary Academy we have a love of learning. With Church and Faith at the centre of all we do.


  • We want each member of our school community to understand we are all learners and we continually develop by working together.


  • Everyone has the right to learn and it is about more than gaining formal qualifications; it is to deepen our knowledge of the world around us.


  • The achievements of our children are an outcome of our encouragement, our willingness to adapt and strive for the best and our drive to make a positive impact. This is measured in the education of the whole child.



Contact the School

Smallwood Academy

School Lane, Smallwood, CW11 2UR.

Main Contact: Miss C Mander

Tel: 01477 500362

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