Willow Forest School Sep 20 1
Willow outside music Sep 20 1
Willow outside music Sep 20 2
Hazel Forest School Sep 20 1
Willow Forest School Sep 20 2
Beech Class Music Sep 2020
Hazel Welly Walk Sep 20 1
Hazel Welly Walk Sep 20 2
Hazel Welly Walk whole class photo
Beech fun in the leaves
Hazel Forest School cooking
Elm Class 'Step out for Pudsey Challenge'
Hazel working hard! 1
Hazel working Hard! 2
Hazel working hard! 3
Happy 2021 Smallwood
The S of Smallwood




Smallwood Academy instils the love of learning into all who enter its doors; with God, Church and Faith at the centre of its values.


We want each and every member of our school community to understand we are all lifelong learners and we continually learn from each other as well as use formal ways.


Everyone has the right to learn and it is about more than gaining formal qualifications; it is to deepen our knowledge of the world around us.



To create a happy, secure and stimulating learning environment for all members of the school community where attitudes of mutual respect and responsibility are promoted, and where every person’s unique contribution is valued.


To continue to develop the school as a caring community, nurturing in each individual an attitude of self-respect, community responsibility and concern for the welfare of others.


To promote in our children an industrious, enthusiastic attitude to learning and a pride in their achievements.


To provide the foundations upon which a strong Christian faith can be built.


To provide the basic skills of numeracy and literacy to ensure that learning can follow.


To promote knowledge and understanding of the relationship between people, their environment and resources.


To help pupils acquire a set of moral values and an awareness and tolerance of the values of other cultures and faiths.


To encourage all pupils to realise their full potential whatever that might be.


To promote opportunities for pupils to experience and understand a variety of life enriching activities.


To encourage a confident, independent and flexible approach to learning and living.


To provide a solid foundation through a creative and evolving curriculum, to ensure our pupils are ready for their future education.























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Smallwood Academy

School Lane, Smallwood, CW11 2UR.

Main Contact: Miss C Mander

Tel: 01477 500362

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