Mrs. Lightfoot's first ever blog!

Date: 26th Mar 2020 @ 10:44am

Hello to Jessie, Kayden, Jaxon, Amelie, Molly, Chloe, Oliver, Isabelle, Alice, Jess P, Marc, Savannah, Stefan, Sam, Henry and Alyssa!

This is where we can talk to each other and share the best bits of our days or just say hi to each other - I will email instructions for your parents/carers to help you to use this and hopefully we can all learn how to blog together.

Mrs. Lightfoot

Mr and Mrs Lee wrote:

Hello Mrs Lightfoot and all my friends!
I hope you are enjoying the sunshine. I have enjoyed the tasks Mrs Lightfoot has sent. I hope you have too. All of your pictures look amazing!
Missing you all. Love Isabelle x

Mrs Johnstone wrote:

Hi everyone! You’ve inspired me to try out my first ever blog too Mrs Lightfoot. Oliver will have a go sending a message to his friends later if this goes without any techno glitches.
We’ve had a nice arty morning sketching fab giraffe pictures to go with Oliver’s giraffe factfile.
Hope you’re all doing ok.

Mrs Johnstone wrote:

Hi guys!
Hope you’re ok. I hope you’re not running out of food and drink. I had lots of fun doing the homework that I was given and I loved the sandwich so much
Miss you all!
From Oliver

Chloe F wrote:

Hi. Chloe is missing everyone so much. Hope you are all okay xx

Mrs Lightfoot wrote:

Hey Chloe I heard you send a letter through the post to Molly - what a great idea. I expect it made her feel better. What a great friend you are.
Mrs. Lightfoot x

Henry W wrote:

Hello everyone, my favourite subject is maths, I've enjoyed learning about fractions. I'm still writing my story, mum and dad said I have some great ideas. I just need to write it down! 😄✍️🖊️✏️ Miss you all from Henry 👍xx

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